A collection of games and toys I had worked on - a portfolio of sorts.
These are the cream of the crop, you can find the rest on itch.io or github.


Reinventing bullet hell with distinct line-art graphics and procedurally generated levels.

Buy the game ($3.00, itch.io)

Try the demo (Web)

Originally made for CGA Jam, 2017

@'s Die

Every step means a roll of your die. High numbers beat low numbers - sieze your chance when the time is right.

Play the game (itch.io)

Originally made for 7 Day Roguelike Challenge, 2017

loops can be clicked on / interface has to be powered / disruption

Play the game (itch.io)

Originally made for 1-Bit Clicker Jam, 2017


Legends say that by crushing the Shard and swallowing it, any undead will be free from the eternal hunger for power.

Play the game (itch.io)

Originally made for LD 39 Compo "Running Out Of Power", 2017

Of Hope and Chakrams

An experiment on sprite tiling, pixel art, dungeon generation and camera systems.

Play the game or download source (itch.io)

Originally made for Github Game Off "Throwback", 2017


An experiment on using emergent systems (flocking) to generate music.

Play the game (itch.io)

Originally made for Music Game Jam, 2017

This site is inspired by this amazing eye-opener.